Die Forscherin weiter: „Für die Stasi war von besonderem Interesse, wie die DDR dargestellt wurde und ob es nötig war, medial durch Diffamierungen des ‚Tatort‘ gegenzusteuern. [101], Former Stasi agent Matthias Warnig (codename "Arthur") is currently the head of Nord Stream. [3][4][5][6][7][8] The Stasi was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city. Il film che ha forse riscosso più successo, però, è quello del 2003 di Wolfgang Becker, “Goodbye Lenin”. [71][72] According to Ion Mihai Pacepa, the chief intelligence officer in communist Romania, other communist intelligence services had similar plans. In nearly every speech, the Stasi minister gave the order to find out who is who, which meant who thinks what. [77] There was a debate about what should happen to the files, whether they should be opened to the people or kept closed. For example, in March 2006, the Berlin Senator for Education received a letter from a GRH member and former Stasi officer attacking the Museum for promoting "falsehoods, anticommunist agitation and psychological terror against minors". 10. The management of the "Runde Ecke" Museum opens the site once a year on "Museum night" and on special state-wide days when historic buildings and sites that are not normally accessible to the public are opened. It arrested 250,000 people as political prisoners during its existence. „Wir wollen nur frei sein“ – Fluchtversuche aus der DDR Viele versuchten es, doch nur wenigen gelang es: die Flucht aus der DDR. A really good movie that shows the true face and the realities of Socialism in Germany, it was much better than its now.. After an uprising by workers in 1953 – campaigning for a state that was more like socialist which they had been sold by the authorities, with fairer wages and better conditions – was put down by the government and the Soviets, the need for a stronger secret police was clear to the DDR’s hierarchy. Pastor Rainer Eppelmann, who became Minister of Defense and Disarmament after March 1990, felt that new political freedoms for former Stasi members would be jeopardized by acts of revenge. On 27 October 1989, the prison freed all political prisoners due to a nationwide amnesty. At the local level the Stasi had Area Precincts for State Security (Bezirksverwaltungen für Staatssicherheit - one each for the 227 cities and municipal districts and the 11 city boroughs (Stadtbezirken) of East Berlin). [75], With the fall of the GDR the Stasi was dissolved. Former Stasi officers continue to be politically active via the Gesellschaft zur Rechtlichen und Humanitären Unterstützung (GRH, Society for Legal and Humanitarian Support). This treaty took the Volkskammer law further and allowed more access and use of the files. Movies such as Bridge of Spies, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and Funeral in Berlin depict the hijinx of agents crossing the Berlin Wall, but the definitive cinematic portrayal of the East German era is The Lives of Others, a low key, intense story of a Stasi agent Gerd Wiesler’s increasing infatuation with a bohemian couple. The Stasi – to give them their proper name, the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit or Ministry of State Security – was a secret police like no other. [98], The prison closed in the early 1990s. Central Group for Computing and Information (, Central Executive Group for Protection of Classified Information (, Armament and Chemical [Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defence] Service (, Operational Technical [Equipment] Sector (, District Department for State Security Berlin (, District Department for State Security Cottbus (, 13 rural precincts: KD Calau, KD Finsterwalde, KD Forst, KD Guben, KD Herzberg, KD Hoyerswerda, KD Jessen, KD Bad Liebenwerda, KD Luckau, KD Lübben, KD Senftenberg, KD Spremberg, KD Weißwasser, District Department for State Security Dresden (, 2 city precincts: KD Dresden-Stadt, KD Görlitz, 14 rural precincts: KD Dresden-Land, KD Bautzen, KD Bischofswerda, KD Dippoldiswalde, KD Freital, KD Großenhain, KD Kamenz, KD Löbau, KD Meißen, KD Niesky, KD Pirna, KD Riesa, KD Sebnitz, KD Zittau, Location Precinct Technical University and Other Institutions of Higher Education (, District Department for State Security Erfurt (, 11 rural precincts: KD Apolda, KD Arnstadt, KD Eisenach, KD Gotha, KD Heiligenstadt, KD Langensalza, KD Mühlhausen, KD Nordhausen, KD Sömmerda, KD Sondershausen, KD Worbis, District Department for State Security Frankfurt (Oder) (, 3 city precincts: KD Frankfurt (Oder), KD Eisenhüttenstadt,  KD Schwedt, 8 rural precincts: KD Angermünde, KD Beeskow, KD Bernau, KD Eberswalde, KD Bad Freienwalde, KD Fürstenwalde, KD Seelow, KD Strausberg, District Department for State Security Gera (, 9 rural precincts: KD Eisenberg, KD Greiz, KD Lobenstein, KD Pößneck, KD Rudolstadt, KD Saalfeld, KD Schleiz, KD Stadtroda, KD Zeulenroda, District Department for State Security Halle (Saale) (, 3 city precincts: KD Halle,  KD Halle-Neustadt, KD Dessau, 20 rural precincts: KD Artern, KD Aschersleben, KD Bernburg, KD Bitterfeld, KD Eisleben, KD Gräfenhainichen, KD Hettstedt, KD Hohenmölsen, KD Köthen, KD Merseburg, KD Naumburg, KD Nebra, KD Quedlinburg, KD Querfurt, KD Roßlau, KD Saalkreis, KD Sangerhausen, KD Weißenfels, KD Wittenberg, KD Zeitz, District Department for State Security Karl-Marx-Stadt (, 3 city precincts: KD Karl-Marx-Stadt/Stadt, KD Plauen, KD Zwickau, 19 rural precincts: KD Annaberg, KD Aue, KD Auerbach, KD Brand-Erbisdorf, KD Flöha, KD Freiberg, KD Glauchau, KD Hainichen, KD Hohenstein-Ernstthal, KD Karl-Marx-Stadt/Land, KD Klingenthal, KD Marienberg, KD Oelsnitz, KD Reichenbach, KD Rochlitz, KD Schwarzenberg, KD Stollberg, KD Werdau, KD Zschopau, District Department for State Security Leipzig (, 12 rural precincts: KD Leipzig-Land, KD Altenburg, KD Borna, KD Delitzsch, KD Döbeln, KD Eilenburg, KD Geithain, KD Grimma, KD Oschatz, KD Schmölln, KD Torgau, KD Wurzen, District Department for State Security Magdeburg (, 19 rural precincts: KD Burg, KD Gardelegen, KD Genthin, KD Halberstadt, KD Haldensleben, KD Havelberg, KD Kalbe Milde, KD Klötze, KD Oschersleben, KD Osterburg, KD Salzwedel, KD Schönebeck, KD Staßfurt, KD Stendal, KD Tangerhütte, KD Wanzleben, KD Wernigerode, KD Wolmirstedt, KD Zerbst, District Department for State Security Neubrandenburg (, 13 rural precincts: KD Altentreptow, KD Anklam, KD Demmin, KD Malchin, KD Neustrelitz KD Pasewalk, KD Prenzlau, KD Röbel, KD Strasburg, KD Templin, KD Teterow, KD Ueckermünde, KD Waren, District Department for State Security Potsdam (, 2 city precincts: KD Potsdam, KD Brandenburg, 13 rural precincts: KD Belzig, KD Gransee, KD Jüterbog, KD Königs Wusterhausen, KD Kyritz, KD Luckenwalde, KD Nauen, KD Neuruppin, KD Oranienburg, KD Pritzwalk, KD Rathenow, KD Wittstock, KD Zossen, District Department for State Security Rostock (, 4 city precincts: KD Rostock KD Greifswald, KD Stralsund, KD Wismar, 6 rural precincts: KD Bad Doberan, KD Grevesmühlen, KD Grimmen, KD Ribnitz-Damgarten, KD Rügen, KD Wolgast, District Department for State Security Schwerin (, 9 rural precincts: KD Bützow, KD Gadebusch, KD Güstrow, KD Hagenow, KD Lübz, KD Ludwigslust, KD Parchim, KD Perleberg, KD Sternberg, District Department for State Security Suhl (, 7 rural precincts: KD Bad Salzungen, KD Hildburghausen, KD Ilmenau, KD Meiningen, KD Neuhaus, KD Schmalkalden, KD Sonneberg, Stasi officers helped in initial training and indoctrination of Egyptian State Security organizations under the, The Stasi's experts worked with building secret police systems in the, The Stasi organized and extensively trained. Aus Eifersucht setzt ein SED-Apparatschik die Stasi auf einen berühmten Dramatiker an. In seiner Dokumentation über die "Prostitution in der DDR" steigt Autor Axel Nixdorf hinab in eine Schattenwelt aus Sozialismus, Stasi und Sex. The memorial site opened with the official name "Die Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte im Torhaus der politischen Haftanstalt von 1933 bis 1945 und 1945 bis 1989" in November 2005. Erstmals lernt Wiesler die Welt der Kunst und des freien Denkens kennen. Januar 1990 in Berlin. Es zeigt sich dabei aber auch, dass die medialen Allmachtphantasien des MfS gar nicht so weit entfernt waren von einer nach dem Ende der DDR entstandenen Parodie wie "Die Wahrheit über die Stasi", jenem Low-Budget-Film von Alexander Zahn aus dem Jahr 1992, in dem geschildert wird, wie es eigentlich wäre, wenn die DDR noch weiterlebt. Für Siegfried Rataizick, der nach der Friedlichen Revolution vor 30 Jahren als Gefängnischef entlassen wurde, war es ein später Triumph, dass es seinem verhassten Widersacher am Ende genauso erging wie ihm. Investigators have found evidence of a death squad that carried out a number of assassinations (including assassination of Swedish journalist, The Stasi attempted to assassinate Wolfgang Welsch, a famous critic of the regime. Eine Wegbeschreibung und Übersicht von Jens Schöne. (picture alliance / dpa / Oliver Berg) Other opinions, such as the one of West German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, believed in putting the Stasi behind them and working on German reunification. Since 1996, the building which was used as an interrogation centre by the Stasi and an execution site by the Nazis has been a museum and memorial centre for victims of political persecution. Prime Minister Lothar de Maizière even went so far as to predict murder. Others argued that everyone should have the right to see their own file, and that the files should be opened to investigate former Stasi members and prosecute them, as well as not allow them to hold office. DDR (East Germany) in movies. The actions of the CIA, MI6 and the KGB – or earlier of the Gestapo and the NKVD – are far more suited to the silver screen and the internal politics of … Dokumentations- und Gedenkstätte in der ehemaligen U-Haft der Stasi in Rostock, BBL-MV. Die DDR-Geheimpolizei wurde im Zuge der Friedlichen Revolution aufgelöst, aber nicht erst am 15. Das Spitzelsystem im DDR-Hochleistungssport zählte in den achtziger Jahren annähernd 3.000 Stasizuträger. Although Mielke's Stasi was superficially granted independence in 1957, until 1990 the KGB continued to maintain liaison officers in all eight main Stasi directorates, each with his own office inside the Stasi's Berlin compound, and in each of the fifteen Stasi district headquarters around East Germany. Die DDR im Blick der Stasi. United Press International. Zaisser tried to depose SED General Secretary Walter Ulbricht after the June 1953 uprising, but was instead removed by Ulbricht and replaced with Ernst Wollweber thereafter. Sie kannten sich alle, Spielfilm, DDR 1958. Over 6,000 people were held in the prison by the Stasi during that time. Mielke believed that the best informants were those whose jobs entailed frequent contact with the public. University graduates who had completed their military service did not need to take these tests and exams. [72] On 12 March 1990, Der Spiegel reported that the Stasi was indeed attempting to implement 0008-6/86. Honecker was charged with authorizing the killing of would-be escapees on the east–west frontier and the Berlin Wall. Preserving records. After an uprising by workers in 1953 – campaigning for a state that was more like socialist which they had been sold by the authorities, with fairer wages and better conditions – was put down by the government and the Soviets, the need for a stronger secret police was clear to the DDR’s hierarchy. Die Aufgabe der Stasi war es, jegliches Verhalten zu unterbinden, das der Regierung gefährlich werden konnte. Im Film wird ihm nach und nach klar, wie viel Schuld er auf sich geladen hat. [88], Remembrance and Documentation Centre for "Victims of political tyranny" [de] - A memorial and museum at Collegienstraße 10 in Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, in a building that was used as a detention centre by the Gestapo, the Soviet occupying forces and the Stasi. They were tasked with maintaining political support for the East German regime and for identifying perceived enemies of the state. . By comparison, the Gestapo deployed one secret policeman per 2,000 people. After German reunification, revelations of the Stasi's international activities were publicized, such as its military training of the West German Red Army Faction. The building was opened to the public from 20 January 1990 and people were taken on tours of the site. The Stasi in 1972 made plans to assist the, In 1975, the Stasi recorded a conversation between senior West German CDU politicians. Wir besitzen NICHT das Videomaterial und alle Videos gehören respektvollen Besitzern. The memorial site and museum was founded in December 1990. He died in Chile in May 1994. [18] 10,000 IMs were under 18 years of age. From 1952 until 1989, over 5000 political prisoners were held on remand and interrogated in the Andreasstrasse prison, which was one of 17 Stasi remand prisons in the GDR. Many thought that they were losing their minds, and mental breakdowns and suicide could result. 'Unholy Alliance: The Connection between the East German Stasi and the Right-Wing Terrorist Odfried Hepp'. Among the protesters were former Stasi collaborators seeking to destroy incriminating documents. The infiltration, however, was just beginning. The line principle meant that the case officers were subordinated to the specialized divisions at the district departments. Gedenkstätte Amthordurchgang Gera e.V. The building was originally a 19th-century paper mill. [91][92], The Roter Ochse [de] (Red Ox) is a museum and memorial site at the prison at Am Kirchtor 20, Halle (Saale). Indeed, the Stasi was seen as a localized extension of the KGB, the Soviet Security Service that had arrived when the Russians had liberated Berlin from the Nazis in 1945. FILE - Files of the former East German Stasi secret service are seen in Berlin, March 7, 2002. These files are now maintained by the Stasi Records Agency. The prison closed in 1990. [72] See Putinism. For example, in 1990, Herbert Kohler, Stasi commander in Dresden, transferred 170 million marks to Schlaff for "harddisks" and months later went to work for him. Stiftung Gedenkstätten Sachsen-Anhalt. This comparison led Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal to call the Stasi even more oppressive than the Gestapo. This had a significant impact on the Stasi's ability to survey the populace, in a period of growing unrest, and knowledge of the Stasi's activities became more widespread. A corresponding division was organized in each of the 15 District Departments for State Security (Bezirksverwaltungen für Staatssicherheit in the Berlin Capital Region and 14 regional districts (Bezirke)). The plan specified 2,587 OibE officers (Offiziere im besonderen Einsatz, "officers on special assignment") who would have assumed power as detailed in the Top Secret Document 0008-6/86 of 17 March 1986. Timothy Garton Ash, an English historian, after reading his file, wrote The File: A Personal History.[78]. Stasi, Geheimdienste, Volk, bespitzeln, Informationen, Osten, DDR, Geschichte Vier Jahrzehnte lang bespitzelt die Stasi das eigene Volk und stiehlt Informationen aus dem Westen. "KGB ordered Swiss explosion to distract attention from Chernobyl." As part of this decision, the Ministerrat originally called for the evolution of the AfNS into two separate organizations: a new foreign intelligence service (Nachrichtendienst der DDR) and an "Office for the Protection of the Constitution of the GDR" (Verfassungsschutz der DDR), along the lines of the West German Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, however, the public reaction was extremely negative, and under pressure from the "Round Table" (Runder Tisch), the government dropped the creation of the Verfassungsschutz der DDR and directed the immediate dissolution of the AfNS on 13 January 1990. Christian Halbrock: Stasi-Stadt – Die MfS-Zentrale in Berlin-Lichtenberg – Ein historischer Rundgang. [18] From the volume of material destroyed in the final days of the regime, the office of the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU) believes that there could have been as many as 500,000 informers. Zwei Jahre zuvor hatte Fechner, seit der Gründung der DDR 1949 Minister, noch die Richter beaufsichtigt, die ihn später hinter Gitter brachten. When the Stasi were founded in 1950, it wasn’t seen as controversial. Between 1950 and 1958 the Stasi shared another prison with the civil police. [47][73] As intelligence chief, Wolf achieved great success in penetrating the government, political and business circles of West Germany with spies. The Stern magazine noted that KGB officer (and future Russian President) Vladimir Putin worked with his Stasi colleagues in Dresden in 1989. Erich Mielke was born in a tenement in Berlin-Wedding, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, on 28 December 1907.During the First World War, the neighborhood was known as "Red Wedding" due to many residents' Marxist militancy.In a handwritten biography written for the Soviet secret police, Mielke described his father as "a poor, uneducated woodworker," and said that his mother died in 1911. [31] The Stasi also acted as a proxy for KGB to conduct activities in other Eastern Bloc countries, such as Poland, where the Soviets were despised. Shortly before the transformation of the Stasi into the Office of National Security the Ministry had the following structure: Divisions directly subordinated to the Minister Army general Erich Mielke (Dem Minister für Staatssicherheit direkt unterstellte Diensteinheiten), Divisions directly subordinated to the Deputy Minister Colonel General Werner Großmann (Dem Stellvertreter GO Großmann unterstellte Diensteinheiten) (his predecessor was the legendary Colonel general Markus Wolf), Divisions directly subordinated to the Deputy Minister Colonel general Rudi Mittig (Dem Stellvertreter GO Mittig unterstellte Diensteinheiten), Divisions directly subordinated to the Deputy Minister Lieutenant general Gerhard Neiber (Dem Stellvertreter GL Neiber unterstellte Diensteinheiten), Divisions directly subordinated to the Deputy Minister Lieutenant general Wolfgang Schwanitz (Dem Stellvertreter GL Schwanitz unterstellte Diensteinheiten) (Schwanitz was appointed as the chief of the Stasi successor agency - the Office for National Security), Between 1950 and 1989, the Stasi employed a total of 274,000 people in an effort to root out the class enemy. Another big issue was how the media could use and benefit from the documents. The prison at Moritzplatz was used by the Volkspolizei from 1952 until 1958. West Germany asked for their return and received some in April 2000. [34] The Stasi employed one secret policeman for every 166 East Germans. Egal wie. Gab Mielke den Schießbefehl? Februar 1950 wurde das Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, die Stasi, gegründet. By at least one estimate, the Stasi maintained greater surveillance over its own people than any secret police force in history. Gedenk- und Dokumentationsstätte „Opfer politischer Gewaltherrschaft“. [27] A large number of Stasi informants were tram conductors, janitors, doctors, nurses and teachers. By the 1970s, the Stasi had decided that the methods of overt persecution that had been employed up to that time, such as arrest and torture, were too crude and obvious. Hecht * 22.02.1938 Stellv. Mielke was sentenced to six years prison for the murder of two policemen in 1931. 18 of the 72 players (every fourth player) who played at least once for football team, Robin Pearson (Lecturer at the University of Hull), Bernd Runge, CEO of Phillips de Pury auction house. This ruling not only gave the media access to the files, but also gave schools access. [16] In 1978, Mielke formally granted KGB officers in East Germany the same rights and powers that they enjoyed in the Soviet Union.[16]. A single case officer held responsibility for the particular mission in each area precinct. [18][19][20] In 1989, the Stasi employed 91,015 people full-time, including 2,000 fully employed unofficial collaborators, 13,073 soldiers and 2,232 officers of GDR army,[21] along with 173,081 unofficial informants inside GDR[22] and 1,553 informants in West Germany.[23]. Even though groups of this sort were active in the community, those who were tracking down ex-members were, as well. Numerous Stasi officials were prosecuted for their crimes after 1990. [33] About one out of every 63 East Germans collaborated with the Stasi. On 8 December 1989, GDR Prime Minister Hans Modrow directed the dissolution of the AfNS, which was confirmed by a decision of the Ministerrat on 14 December 1989. [87], Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden [de] (The Bautzner Strasse Memorial in Dresden) - A Stasi remand prison and the Stasi's regional head office in Dresden. Stasi employees began to destroy the extensive files and documents they held, by hand, fire and with the use of shredders. If one was looking for a cipher with which to decode the totality of the Stasi, The Lives of Others might well be the perfect option. Da sich die DDR gegenüber dem Klassenfeind als moralisch überlegen sah, hätte es Ausbeutung von Frauen so nicht geben dürfen. A special unit of the Stasi assisted Romanian intelligence in kidnapping Romanian dissident Oliviu Beldeanu from West Germany. Indeed, the Stasi was seen as a localized extension of the KGB, the Soviet Security Service that had arrived when the Russians had liberated Berlin from the Nazis in 1945. On 17 November 1989, the Council of Ministers (Ministerrat der DDR) renamed the Stasi the "Office for National Security" (Amt für Nationale Sicherheit – AfNS), which was headed by Generalleutnant Wolfgang Schwanitz. Film Im Visier des Unsichtbaren. They then attended a two-year officer training programme at the Stasi college (Hochschule) in Potsdam. For Eyes Only, Spielfilm, DDR 1964. The candidates would then have to be recommended by their military unit political officers and Stasi agents, the local chiefs of the District (Bezirk) Stasi and Volkspolizei office, of the district in which they were permanently resident, and the District Secretary of the SED. The Stasi held this status until November 1955, when it was restored to a ministry. [89][90], Gedenkstätte Amthordurchgang [de], a memorial and 'centre of encounter' in Gera in a former remand prison, originally opened in 1874, that was used by the Gestapo from 1933 to 1945, the Soviet occupying forces from 1945 to 1949, and from 1952 to 1989 by the Stasi. [29], The Stasi's ranks swelled considerably after Eastern Bloc countries signed the 1975 Helsinki accords, which GDR leader Erich Honecker viewed as a grave threat to his regime because they contained language binding signatories to respect "human and basic rights, including freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and conviction". Der Film von Franziska Schlotterer spricht bewusst ein eher jugendliches Publikum an, das wenige bis keine Kenntnisse über DDR und Stasi mitbringt. The CIA acquired some Stasi records during the looting of the Stasi's archives. Under its long-time head Markus Wolf, this directorate gained a reputation as one of the most effective intelligence agencies of the Cold War. They were tasked with maintaining political support for the East German regime and for identifying perceived enemies of the state. It preferred to paralyze them, and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and to so many institutions. Zusammen besuchen sie wichtige historische Orte wie das MfS-Untersuchungsgefängnis in Potsdam oder den Dienstsitz von Erich Mielke, der über 30 Jahre Minister für Staatssicherheit in der DDR war. The protesters continued to grow in number until they were able to overcome the police and gain entry into the complex. Among the high-profile individuals who were arrested and tried were Erich Mielke, Third Minister of State Security of the GDR, and Erich Honecker, head of state for the GDR. The irony of workers striking and marching – the tools of the political left – against an ostensibly leftist government was not lost on Bertolt Brecht, a prominent poet, playwright and communist, who penned a poem called “, Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee, Had forfeited the confidence of the government, By redoubled efforts. A journalist has from DDR is now the anchorman of one of the major television channels. The Stasi ordered a campaign in which cemeteries and other Jewish sites in West Germany were smeared with swastikas and other Nazi symbols. ...the Stasi often used a method which was really diabolic. Stasi, Geheimdienste, Volk, bespitzeln, Informationen, Osten, DDR, Geschichte Vier Jahrzehnte lang bespitzelt die Stasi das eigene Volk und stiehlt Informationen aus dem Westen. An extensive restoration of the site began in December 2018. Impetus for the establishment of the GRH was provided by the criminal charges filed against the Stasi in the early 1990s. The Stasi prison and offices were occupied by local citizens on 5 December 1989, during a wave of such takeovers across the country. A high-ranking official was in charge of a particular mission of the Ministry and headed a division in the Central Apparatus (Zentrale). When these activities became known, a protest began in front of the Stasi headquarters,[76] The evening of 15 January 1990 saw a large crowd form outside the gates calling for a stop to the destruction of sensitive files. The Lives of Others (German: Das Leben der Anderen, pronounced [das ˈleːbn̩ deːɐ̯ ˈandəʁən] ()) is a 2006 German drama Die DDR wurde 40 Jahre lang von der Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deutschlands (SED) regiert ohne jemals durch freie, demokratische Wahlen legitimiert zu sein. Mehr im logo-Trickfilm (wird in … 14.11.2020 02:15 Uhr Feind ist, wer anders denkt - Geheimnisse der Stasi (3/3) Gegen die Genossen | phoenix On 5 December 1989, the Stasi Headquarters in Potsdam and the Lindenstrasse Prison were occupied by protesters. In March 2006 in Berlin, GRH members disrupted a museum event; a political scandal ensued when the Berlin Senator (Minister) of Culture refused to confront them. He wanted to know in advance what people were thinking and planning. Alle waren bereits mit jungen Jahren ins Visier der Stasi geraten. [27] Information gathered about the latter groups was frequently used to divide or discredit members. The Stasi was founded on 8 February 1950. This was important given that the GDR was trying to improve its international standing during the 1970s and 80s, especially in conjunction with the Ostpolitik of West German Chancellor Willy Brandt massively improving relations between the two German states. [105], Behind the scenes, the GRH also lobbies people and institutions promoting opposing viewpoints. The line between the state and the individual blurred, completely. 27 November 2000. Their secrecy was their strength, so let us talk you through a few of the methods in which they exerted their control over life in East Germany. Stasi Mitarbeiter Liste Online mit PKZ-Nummern und Diensteinheitenschlüsseln Liste hauptamtlicher Mitarbeiter des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit der DDR Stasi Offiziere im besonderen Einsatz (OibE)